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Toyokawa Inari Jinja 豊川稲荷神社 Shrines / Akasaka

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  • Toyokawa Inari Jinja
  • (2007-08-15)
  • If you're truly interested in shrines, then take time to visit Toyokawa shrine. It's devoted to Inari, so it's full of kitsune statues. There are a plethora of statues, both large and small. To the left of the main shrine, there are several small walk ways that wind between smaller shrines. Some of these smaller shrines are truly unusual. For instance, there's one that only has frog statues, and another dotted with small white statues of snakes. This is a great place to spend a few minutes looking around if you've got the time and interest. If you stop by the stand that sells omamori, you can pick up an English brochure that explains the various facets of the shrine.
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